Rich German Monetize Your Passion Toolkit

Do you want to turn your passion into a business
that funds the lifestyle of your dreams?

Are you tired of working for someone else and merely tolerating life?

Would you like to turn your passion into a business that funds the
lifestyle of your dreams but are afraid or just don’t know how?

If you said yes…

Now is the time for you to Monetize Your Passion!

If you are ready to transform your life, you need:

A blueprint for success

The tools to turn your passion into a business

The guidance from someone who's already done it


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Check out what some of the world’s most renowned
personal development and business-building experts have to say about
Monetize Your Passion:

Mari Smith

“Rich German’s coaching collides with Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! and Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek, creating the perfect storm. Read this book and discover how to capitalize on the power of the Internet and social media. This book is a must for anyone committed to following their passion down the road to financial freedom!”

Mari Smith, author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day and Relationship Age

Bob Doyle

“I am not at all overstating it when I say that the information taught in this book could change the world in profound ways. If all people could be living lives of passion as described by Rich German, indescribable abundance and happiness would be the order of the day. Monetize Your Passion should be put in the hands of every young person before they consider any career path in today's world. All my kids are getting a copy!”

Bob Doyle, Teacher featured in The Secret, author of Wealth Beyond Reason

Arielle Ford

Monetize Your Passion takes you by the hand and gives you the straight scoop on how to generate a successful mindset to create the life of your dreams. Easy to read, this book is filled with useful and practical steps to getting into action today.”

Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

David Riklan

“I’ve spent the last fourteen years building the largest self-improvement website on the Internet. The techniques Rich teaches in this book are the same ones I’ve used to build my company and still use today. This stuff works and Rich lays it out in a way that everyone can understand. This is a great read for both beginner and the seasoned online marketer alike.”

David Riklan, founder of

Peggy McColl

“If you are looking to learn from someone who has done it and is doing it every day, then this is the book for you. Rich has been both teaching and living the principles within these pages for over a decade. He is not only a great coach but he is honest, genuine and totally transparent. He is the real deal … follow his lead.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author

Christy Whitman

“If being truly happy, healthy, and abundant is your desire, then having a lifestyle is vital. In Monetize Your Passion, Rich guides you through the steps required to get there. Like he says, you can have it all … and this book provides the roadmap! Rich is a gifted coach and I highly recommend his book to anyone who wants to have a magical lifestyle”

Christy Whitman, best-selling author and CEO of
The Quantum Success Coaching Academy™

Brian Proctor

“With so many people struggling in today‘s economy, Rich‘s wisdom is a breath of fresh air. His style is fresh, fun, and real. I am blessed to be monetizing my passion; I can tell you firsthand that what Rich teaches in this book absolutely works. This book is a must-read for anyone who is ready to turn their life‘s passion into a cash machine.”

Brian Proctor, owner of

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Feedback from Clients:

Rich, you over delivered in a major way today! I honestly feel like I am manifesting your every move, lol. All I can say is if anyone has been thinking about getting the 'toolkit' don't delay. I am expecting a major lifestyle transformation and ready for every minute of it. You totally rock Rich!

—Linda Curtis

I was in a funk and am totally out of it and am feeling inspired and getting my passion and momentum on.....yeah baby! Thanks Rich!

—Cher Danley

I would not be where I am today without your coaching, wisdom, and encouragement. I have come a long way and have more tools in my tool box. I highly recommend your program! Thanks Rich!!!

—Debbie in Arizona

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So what do you get when you invest in the
Monetize Your Passion Toolkit?

The eBook — Monetize Your Passion

The Monetize Your Passion 68-page Interactive Workbook

A "Start Here" Audio to get you going

8 Audio Recordings to walk you through the Workbook

9 Expert Interview recordings with:

Gary Vaynerchuk – The King of Social Media

Marci Shimoff –
Author of Happy for No Reason

Mari Smith –
The 'Pied Piper' of Social Media

David Riklan –
Founder of

Scott Stratten –
Twitter Expert

Brian Proctor –
Owner of Insight of the Day

Chris Cade –
Affiliate Marketing and List-Building Expert

Melissa Lierman –
Author of Smart Tweeting

Vince Bucciachio
– Social Media Expert

I will walk you through all the following topics:

Arrow Disc 1: Time for a Reality Check – New World, New Rules

Arrow Disc 2: Creating Your Vision – The Real ‘F’ Word

Arrow Disc 3: Shifting to a Lifestyle – Picking Your Horse

Arrow Disc 4: Opening Your Storefront – Creating Your Community

Arrow Disc 5: Social Media and Beyond

Arrow Disc 6: Create Killer Content – Monetize Your Passion

Arrow Disc 7: The E-volution of Your Empire

Arrow Disc 8: 6 Phases of Mastery – Conclusion

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"So, what is ALL this going to cost me?" you ask...

Again, this program includes 9 instructional audios, 9 expert interviews, the workbook, the e-book, and all the bonus gifts below.  The truth is that if you implement everything I teach you, you will agree that this material is priceless!  

To get the CD-version of the toolkit mailed to you costs $497.

But you get it all instantly downloadable for the incredibly low price of just $197.

So why am I giving it away for such a low investment?   Because I understand that so many people are struggling in today’s world.  It is time to stop ‘surviving’ … it is time for thriving!  You see, I am on a mission to assist as many people as possible to master this material so that more people can have a better life … and this includes you. 

My belief is that the life you want, wants you.  The problem is that people just don’t understand the process required to live a better life.  Or they think that living an amazing life is restricted to the select few who can afford it.  By making this course so affordable I am eliminating the ‘I cannot afford it’ excuse.  I want to make this a simple decision for you and that is why it is being offered for such a small investment.

To make it even easier to SAY 'YES' … we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  That’s right, if you go through all the material, do the work, and are not 100% thrilled with the results, simply let me know and I will refund your money with no questions asked.  I am so confident in this program that I happily give you this guarantee.  You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PLUS, order now and you will receive 3 powerful bonus gifts:


Interview with Chris Attwood

Chris Attwood is an expert in the field of personal development. Chris, along with his partner, Janet, is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test–The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose.



Interview with Robert Allen

Robert is the author of some of the most influential financial books of all time including the New York Times bestsellers Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, Cracking the Millionaire Code and The One Minute Millionaire. His newest book, Cash in a Flash, is currently climbing the bestseller lists.



My GSD Exercise

GSD = Get S%&t Done

It’s the strategy I use to crank out massive amounts of content,
like this Toolkit.


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Plus, when you act now you will receive on-going access to all of my free tele-seminars which are all designed to help you experience incredible amounts of health, wealth, and happiness in your life!

If You Are REALLY Committed to Living an AMAZING life, you will want to order your copy immediately, if not sooner!!

I am 100% convinced this material will change your life. And hundreds of my clients will back me up on that statement. I believe you already know whether you need this toolkit or not. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Don’t let your LIFE pass you by! Let me assist you and together we WILL turn your dreams into your REALITY! Life is about seizing moments … this is your moment!

I can assure you that you will not find this material anywhere else at this price. Are you willing to invest just $197 to change your life in monumental ways? I believe something HUGE is trying to happen in your life … it is time to TAKE ACTION.

Thank you!!

YES!  I am ready for Financial Freedom!!

YES!  I want the 8+ hours of audio recordings

YES!  I want the 9 expert interviews

YES!  I want the Monetize Your Passion workbook

YES!  I am willing to put in the time and do the              assignments Rich gives me

YES!  I want the Monetize Your Passion eBook

YES!  I want to Get S%&t Done!

YES!  I want all the free bonus gifts!

When you order, you will receive immediate access to the entire course and bonus gifts.

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